Punk Rock Heavy Relic Guitars

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Back in the early Punk Rock/Alternative days it was quite common to paint and decal over your guitar. Either to give it that one off look or you just did not like the color…. Joe Strummer from ‘The Clash‘ was a good example of this, as was Thurston Moore from ‘Sonic Youth‘. We tried to capture some of that individuality with our Heavy Relic range of guitars.

Both these guitars are swamp ash bodies and have a heavy vintage nitrocellulose lacquer over an old 3 tone sunburst finnish. The J- Style has a Jazz pickup in the neck and aP90 in the bridge, both from Arcane pickups here in Los Angeles. The S-style has vintage 59 single coil pickups also hand wound from Rob at Arcane Pickups. The necks are both hand shaped to our specs and have round back contours.

These guitars not only look unique but also deliver where it counts the most……. kick ass sounding!

These guitars are for sale and are available now!

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